Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kmart's doubling again

Kmart will double your coupons up to $2 this week. 4 of the same items per transaction.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Awesome sales at CVS

1st transaction:
hersheys kind size chocolate bar $1
Aussie shampoo 2.99
aussie conditioner 2.99
belgian waffle maker 19.99 (this is awesome, we already used it)
gatorade 1.49

$5 off $30
2 $1 off aussie coupons
$25 in ECBS

OOP: $1.59
Earned $18.47 in ecb's

2nd transaction:
playtex tampons 3.99
colgate advantage 2.99
loreal lip gloss 6.99
loreal lip gloss 6.99
sally hansen nailcolor 3.79
5 hour energy 3.99
maybeline foundation 8.99
2 gatorade 1.49 each
covergirl foundation 7.99
dove chocolate B1G1 free 2@4.49

$10 off $50
2 $1 loreal lip color
$1 colgate
$1 covergirl
$2 tampons


$47.72 in ECB's

Also got rainchecks for free johnson's lotion, bic soliel, shick quattro, universal remote and headphones.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Download free Christmas songs

Courtesy of Orpah. 48 hours only.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have I mentioned to check Kroger for your meats?

I can't tell you how mnay great deals I get on meat at Kroger. Yesterday I found ground chicken for 1.50 per lb, turkey bratwurst and ground turkey for $1.50 lb, grassfed steaks for $4 and chicken sausage for $3. I spent $40 on meats and it will last us for probably 5-6 weeks!!

Publix Nov 20-Nov 26

8 pks coke products final price: 2.75 each (I used two Publix q's for B3G1 free plus two $1 off that I found in the store.)
The cokes are actually not as cheap as you can get them but they have a bigger selection at Publix than they do at CVS which is where I usually get great deals.

5 Voila meals 2.35 each less $1.25 coupons, final price: 1.10 each
6 dominos sugar (confectioners and light brown) .69 less .25 coupon that doubled, final price. 20 each
4 swanson's broth .54 each less .25 off 4 coupon that doubled, final price: .42 each
4 Danactive immunity $2 each less 1 .50 that doubled and 1 B2G1 free coupon, final price: 1.25 each
2 Reddi whip $2 each less 2 .50 coupons that doubled, final price: $1 each
2 triscuits 1.68 less $1/2, final price: 1.38 each
Horizon 4.19, less $1 off mfg, $1 Publix q, and $1 off wyb sara lee, final price: 1.19
10 Uncle Bens wild rice $1, less 5 B1G1 free, final price: .50 each
Publix bleach .01 item
4 swiss miss hot chocolate, 1.25 each less.30 that doubled, final price: .65 each
2 sunmaid raisins 1.65 each less $1/2, final price: 1.25 each
free johnson buddies with Publix baby coupon
10 Kraft mac-n- cheese .50 each
4 dixie plates, 1.50 each less .35 coupon that doubled, final price: .80 each
helmans mayo 2.50 less .60 coupon, final price: 1.90
folgers 5.99 less .50 coupon that doubled, final price: 4.99 (big container)
2 Ocean spray grapefruit juice 1.79 less 2 $1 off coupons, final price: .79 each
4 Delmonte corn/peas .65 less $1 off 4, final price: .40 each
4 del monte tomatoes (like rotel) $1 each less $1 off 4, final price: .75 each
other misc reg items

Saved: 130.94
OOP: 90.50

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CHEAP Kids magazines (This weekend only!)

Stocking Stuffer Idea for only $2.20
Sale this WEEKEND ONLY!!

Children's Magazine Sale

Turtle Magazine 6 issues/yr
and Jack and Jill 6 issues/yr
New or Renewal - $2.20 per year
(Save 88% off regular subscription price) !
No automatic renewals

This deal does not require a coupon code but you must select CHECKOUT before prices will adjust. You can view your price adjustment prior to paying.
Go to Subscriptions and then to Kids Magazines.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aeropostale Sale

Use the code FRIENDS08 at Aeropostale and receive 30% off everything. Shipping is free if you spend $100 and that's BEFORE the discount! Expires 11/23

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vitamins at Kroger

Kroger has Sundown, Nature's Bounty and Disney vitamins on sale for B1G1 this week. Combine that with your $1 or $2 off coupons and you have free or cheap vitamins. I picked some up the last time that were folic acid vitamins, just so I could make $$ and I am going to donate them to a pregnancy center.

ETA: There are $3 off q's in the paper!! Remember that they are mfg's even though they say Publx on them.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HUGE savings on crafts including Christmas crafts

Current Most of these items will come up 1/2 of what they are showing. At checkout use WGGWGA and VIP for the codes to get 25% and 15% more off. is another site with MAJOR craft deals. Use CIC for 10% off or PEJE for 15% off.

Publix trip

This wasn't a great week but there were a few deals. I bought quite a bit without coupons b/c it was stuff I needed and I had my entire family with me. :)

4 boxes Eggo waffles 2.00 less 4 .55 q's, final price: 1.45 each
4 Lenders Bagles .98 each
4 Danactive 4 pks 2.00 less 4 $1 q's, final price: 1.00 each
Orville redenbachers 2.45 less .40 that doubled, final price: 1.65
6 Cheez its 2.00 each
8 Kraft mac-n-cheese .50 each
3 Motts apple juice 2 each less $1/3 coupon, final price: 1.67 each
5 Juicy juice 1.75 each
2 Peter Pan large peanut butter 3.50 each less $/2 coupon, final price: 3 each
2 Crisco Olive Oil 3.24 each less 2 .75 coupons, final price: 2.50 each
2 Hershey's Syrup .99 each
olive 2.39
blue cheese 3.69
10 packs of Martha Mix .80 each less $5 Publix coupon and .55 mfg q: final price: .25 each
2 bags of Fresh express salad 2 each
bananas 1.52
carrots .89
celery 1.89 less $2 Publix coupon on any produce WYB the fresh express salad
2 bags of tostiots chips 3.33 each
gal organic milk 5.79
Less $5/$20 Walgreens coupon

Saved: 90.30
OOP: 87.74

Huge, Huge savings on Britax

This is an outstanding deal!! Free shippin

Britax Marathon 42.99

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A great coupon class

Thanks to all the mamas who came tonight to the class. I had a great time talking about my new hobby and I hope it was helpful to all of you. I will probably host another class in Jan sometime for anyone who wasn't able to make it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Walgreen's coupon Nov, 14 and 15th only!!

Don't forget that some Publix store will accept this too!!

New Muir Glen coupon

Muir Glen The tomato sauce is .85 a Publix.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free Photo Book 48 hours only!!

You need to get the credit in your account today and then you have until Sun to use it.

If you have attempted to take advantage of the offer of a free photo book as seen on the Oprah show but were unsuccessful, please try these steps:

1. Log out of your Snapfish account.

2. Click the following link to initiate the credit process.

Oprah free photo book offer

3. Click the Get Started button

4. Log in via the link in the upper right

5. Click the "your cart" link in the upper right section of the web page. Step through the checkout process, and the credit should apply towards your order.

If you are still encountering problems, please contact Customer Service.

You can email Customer Service by clicking here.

You can contact Customer Service via telephone at:

1-800-634-4500 (for U.S. customers only)
Monday to Friday - 9am to 11pm EST
Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 5pm EST

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clearance at Target and Walmart

I got some good deals yesterday at Target.

ziplock bags that were clearanced for .50 plus coupons made them free!!
Poptarts makred down to 1.58 plus coupons made them .58 each
Cascadian Farms granola bars marked down to 2.30 plus coupons made them 1.30 each
Dove chocolate on sale for 1.67 each plus coupons made them .67 each
cute pair of pants for Leah 3.74

Then I stopped by Walmart and got UGA folding chairs that were 24.98 ,marked down to 7.50 each

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Note: Kroger's coupon policy

Today I got some information about Kroger's coupon policy. Their policy is to only double the first coupon on each item. Meaning, you buy 4 of the same item, they only double the first one. The others are face value. The computer will automatically double it and the cashier is to manually fix it. My store in Jasper, did this to me today. I have been shopping there weekly for three years and they have never enforced this policy. I didn't know it existed. So keep that in mind when you're shopping at Kroger.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cherokee Christian School yard sale Sat 7-3

Cherokee Christian School is having a huge yard sale this Sat. from 7am-3pm at the school. All proceeds go toward the CCS senior trip. The school is located at: 3075 Trickum Road, Woodstock GA - They will have baby items, furniture, toys, books, games, clothes, craft items, sports equipment, collectibles, and more. Also a coffee and food concession will open. Feel free to pass this email onto anyone else who might be interested. Thanks and have a nice day

Monday, November 3, 2008

Free stuff for voting

Starbucks: Free tall coffee for saying ”I voted.”
Ben & Jerry’s: Free scoop of ice cream from 5-8 p.m.
Krispy Kreme: Free star-shaped doughnut with red, white and blue sprinkles to each customer wearing an “I Voted” sticker.
Chick-fil-A: Free chicken sandwich for wearing the “I Voted” sticker.

Printable Target toy coupons

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Penny Item at Publix

is Publix oatmeal.

Saved 70% at Publix

It's a decent week at Publix.

10 Green Giant steamers are 50% off. less .50 coupon that doubles or $1 printable,
final price: .19each (check out this blog for the links)
2 Keebler cookies B1G1, 1.65 each less .55/2, final price: 1.37 each
2 Smuckers squeeze jelly 1.99 each, less .35 that doubled, final price: 1.29 each
2 arnolds bread 1.85 each
2 Barilla past sauce 1.37 each
8 Uncle Ben's rice .79 less $1/2 coupons, final price: .29 each
organic milk 5.79 less $1 off wyb 2 smuckers, final price: 4.79
4 steam and mash B1G1, $2 less $1 coupons, final price: $1 each
Organic hearts of romaine 2.50
2 bags of mini snickers 1.65 each
lunch meat

OOP: 42.71
Saved: 62.77