Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blueberries $1 per pound, July 1st, Hopewell Baptist Church in Canton

1.00 per lb!!!!!! 1 day only
Hopewell Baptist Church Building Fund Raiser,
10,000 lbs of commercial quality Blueberries will be picked fresh, Tuesday, 6/30 from Carter's Blueberry Farm, Alma, Ga. Owned and operated by Gerald and Cynthia Carter formerly of Hopewell. fresh from the bush.
WHEN: pickup 1day only, Wed., July 1, 6am-6pm, (Closed for church time) 7-8:30pm Late night (after church) pickup
WHERE: Little Red Sixes Community Schoolhouse(across from the brick building, Hopewell Youth Center, on Bells Ferry Road, Canton),church address 75 Ridge Road Canton,Ga 30114
We have this awesome opportunity to be a part of an amazing bargain and there are plenty to share, so we can pass on the savings! While supplies last…… Delivered In an airconditioned semi. to keep the berries fresh.
Cost is less than wholesale @ 1.00 per lb. and .25 per lb will be donated to Hopewell Bldg Fund.
*Preorder by email to insure you get your berries . NO LIMIT! --------simply send name, phone# and # of pounds that you desire. Note: Berries will be packaged in gallon Ziploc bags which will hold 3-4 lbs. Do you know it is best not to wash blueberries before putting them in the freezer but wash them when you take them out? This protects from freezer burn and ice crystals forming on your berries. So no time needed: simply buy all you want and drop in the freezer.
Outside Marketer’s Welcome - You are encouraged to pass the word and sell to your friends, neighbor’s and coworker’s. This is one day only so the berries have to go fast.
ARE YOU IN NEED OF A JOB FOR THE DAY? Are you without a job, or need extra income for youth camp, children’s camp, back to school expenses, vacation, etc. You can presale blueberries, pickup and deliver to your own location and
earn .15 cents per lb., with 100 lb minimum purchase
100 lbs sold (only25, 4# bags) =15.00 cash, 500 lbs sold(only 125, 4# bags)= 75.00cash, 1000lbs sold (only250, 4# bags)=150.00 to you!
and .15cents will still be donated to the Hopewell Building Fund!