Friday, August 29, 2008

Now that you have your system...

Let's talk about what to do with it.

First you have to clip coupons. I go to the store every Sunday and buy two double AJC's. Which means I will get 4 sets of coupons. Now if you're family is smaller than mine, I would only get one. You can also print lots of coupons online. You will have to check with your stores to find out if they take internet coupons. It's important to find out the policy before you go in. Find out if they double or triple or take competitors and if so which ones. Some Publix stores will take Target q's (coupons) and some wont. Also, when you are at the store and you pass a blinkie machine or tear pad, grab some coupons and save them for later. Also check in the front of the stores. For instance Publix had a great little booklet for summer. I ended up getting shout for $.49 a bottle with those coupons. Grab as many as you think you will use and hold on to them until When I get home with the papers, I put on Army Wives on Sunday nights and start clipping. Now I have ZERO interest in trading coupons, so I don't clip what I wont use. I don't have time to do that. I will give a plug for my friend though. She taught me all of this and she has started a coupon clipping service, so if you don't need the whole paper, you would come out cheaper paying her to clip the ones you need.

Ok, so now you have your coupons and they are all in your binder. What to do? 1st, I would pick your battles ie. Stores. I don't have time to surf the web constantly for all the best deals. So I have picked three stores that I go to every week. They are CVS, Kroger, and Publix. So I sit down with the paper (or get the ad online at Hot Coupon World) and pair up the sales with the coupons. The best was to take advantage is to buy in bulk. Which is why I like to have 4 sets of coupons. So if something is on sale at Publix for B1G1 free, that means it's half price, plus my coupon, I will buy several. Usually however many coupons I have.

I started with couponmom, because she tells you not to clip them but to staple the books and put the date on them. Then she pairs up the sale with the date of the coupon. It's a good way for beginners. But it's very true that if you clipped the coupon, you will remember that you have it. And the important thing is to always have your coupons with you. When you see something on clearance, you can pull out your book and get it even cheaper. Yes, you will feel silly carrying this huge binder in to the store. But when you walk out having saved a ton of $$, you wont care anymore. :)

So, that's a lot of info, but don't be afraid. If I can do it, anyone with half a brain can. Because I definitely don't have even half of one these days. The goal I have set for myself is to always save more than I spend without buying things I don't need (unless it's free, then I will donate it.) It's totally doable and then some with a little planning.

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Paige White said...

Can I just say that you ROCK! The tips in here are great! I am so brain dead and pulled in so many different directions that I am having trouble starting to do this coupon thing. Picking stores is awesome!!!!! I just can't run to a bunch of stores a week but between Mike and I, 3 is doable.
Maybe your next post can be on how to understand CVS's EUB better!